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Q & A | Maksud SKU, POD Dan Short Forms Dalam Seller Centre?

MAKSUD SKU, SPU DAN SHORT FORMS DI LAZADA SELLER CENTRE | Dah mula godek-godek Lazada Seller Centre kan? Aku yakin korang akan jumpa banyak sangat short forms. Betul? 

Klik Abbreviation untuk tahu lebih lanjut.

 Abbreviation Meaning
AVL  Automatic vehicle locator
3PL  Third party logistics (courier services : Lazada Express, Skynet, Gdex, etc)
API  Application Programme Interface
AWB  Air Way Bill (consignment notes printed before hand over parcel to courier)
CB  Cross border (mostly Hong Kong merchants)
CSV  Comma separated values
COD  Cash on delivery (customer chose to pay by cash upon receiving item)
ETA  Estimated time of arrival
EOD  End of day
FBL  Fulfillment by Lazada (Lazada responsible to process, pack and ship your orders)
GST  Goods & Services Tax
HK  Hong Kong (normally related to cross border merchants)
JPEG  Joint Photographic Experts Group (a format for compressing image files)
LGS  Lazada Global Shipping
OEM  Original Equipment Manufacturer
ON  Order number (a unique number for every purchase made by the customer)
OB  Onboarding
OVL  Order volume limit (to evaluate the capacity, quality & speed of order processing)
MPS  Multi packaging sticker (sticker for two different packaging under one tracking number)
PDF  Portable Document Format
(a format that provides electronic image of text or text and graphics that looks like a printed document and can be viewed, printed and electronically transmited)
PIF  Programme Information File
POD  Proof of delivery
PNQ  Pricing and stocks
PSC  Partner Support Center (a call center for our merchants)
PIC  Person in charge (a person in charge on handling seller center account)
QC  Quality control (a team in charge to approve/reject products before it can go live)
RTS  Ready to ship (order that is ready pack and to be handed to the 3PL)
SC  Seller Center (the main system merchant use to manage their shop in Lazada)
SKU  Stock keeping unit (a unique ID given to your products for referrence)
SEO  Search engine optimization
TN  Tracking number (a unique number use for every parcel send to the customer)
UPC  Universal product code

Ini adalah antara short form yang digunakan. Untuk lebih maklumat, boleh direct klik short form di atas. Semoga membantu.

Maklumat lanjut mengenai pendaftaran : Klik LAZADA
Pertanyaan Di Lazada : Klik LAZADA 

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